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Dear Jeremy, On, & Deaw, words are really not enough to thank you for your exemplary service, magnificent food, and sensational setting. We will never forget the holiday — we have many wonderful memories. We have always been fans of Thailand but the experience and Villa Kalipay has taken us to a new level. Our sincere thanks for your generosity of spirit that is what differentiates good service from magnificent service. Food, setting, and service simply sensational. Than you!

―Patricia M., stayed on July 7, 2017
Villa Klipay – (Villa Jimmy), an oasis in a hectic world. We are so lucky to have found you, just the relaxing retreat that I was working for my family. Jimmy, you helped create a serene environ surrounded by the glamorous villa. Every need was catered to – fun birthday for Gil. F1 channel on the BIG screen, outings for the boys and relax for mom and I. We would not have asked for more from you. Chef Deaw, Aor, and Kang. Warm smiles were enough, we received more! Thank you Jimmy, we leave waiting to return as so many of your precious guests home. Wishing you and families health and happiness for 2017 and beyond. Until we meet again. Thank you!

―Vicki V., stayed on September 6, 2017
Dear Jimmy and team, thanks for giving us the best holiday ever! Your sincere help, big smile is very appreciated. We enjoy the holiday with your team. We will be back. Well done! Excellent service! We can’t wait to see you all again!

―Lai S., stayed on July 2, 2017
Complete and utter holiday bliss is the only way we can describe our week here. From the big smiles upon arriving, to the care, attentiveness, cleanliness, fun and magic with the kids and above and beyond service – we have never stayed somewhere like Villa Kalipay.

Jimmy, Aor, and Chef Deaw met every want and need we could possibly imagine and with 4 young kids with us made it so enjoyable we don’t want to leave!! This villa is amazing – the movie room, the delicious fresh coconuts I’m now addicted to and of course the food – I looked forward to dinner every night – It was some of the best Thai food we have ever had. Hands down!!

The combination of the owners beautiful taste in decor, to the staff, to the house and view, and all the little things (like Jimmy riding us scooter to find me as I was on a walk & bring me an umbrella!!) and the treats before we left – everything was impeccable. We truly hope we will be back in the not so distant future and next time bring our friends with us!! Thank you for everything!!

―Michael E., stayed on June 24, 2017

Dear Uncle Jimmy and staff, thank you for making this the best holiday for everyone. I love the paradise in this villa. Thank you all for making this the best summer ever! Dear Chef Deaw, you make the best food in the world. Thank you for making my stay so delicious. Thank you everyone!

―Sharon Y., stayed on June 18, 2017
I have been in many places…but I have never met a host better than Jimmy and his team!!! Best service ever!! Thank you!

―Alfred G., stayed on June 10, 2017
Dear Jimmy and staff, thanks for your excellent services and patience. Everything is perfect and fabulous.This trip is memorable and unforgettable. Koh Khun Kha

―Pan S., stayed on May 30, 2017
We had a great time in this wonderful villa. And Jimmy and his staff are the best. We love to come back.

―Frans S., stayed on May 1, 2017
Dear Jimmy, thank you for making my Easter holidays memorable and unforgettable…Definitely see you soon!!!

―Haris S., stayed on April 20, 2017
Jimmy and his staff are very friendly and professional without being invasive. High level service. We had a great stay at Villa Kalipay.

―Malika S., stayed on April 3, 2017
Our family have a good holiday in this home. Thank you Villa Kalipay, we enjoy the time here. We love it. Thank you for the villa team service. Thank you everyone, we have a happy memory. I think maybe we will be back in the future.

―Zhang B., stayed on April 1, 2017

Dear Jimmy and staff,

Everything in this villa was perfect! Your service has always been at top-notch: attentive and thoughtful but at the same time, not too much. We came here for team building and with your help, we have spent wonderful time living here closer to each other than when we arrived. Thank you so much for your service!

―Hally, stayed on March 27, 2017

Thank you so much for having us in this amazing villa with the amazing staff. We look forward to see you again.”

―Eissa M., stayed on March 17, 2017

Thank you Jeremy for your smile and your perfect service. We enjoy all your attention, your staff is very professional — food, cleanliness…We spend a very good time with our friends in this beautiful villa. We enjoy friendly. The villa is a wonderful place to feel good and to have fun.”

―Francois N., stayed on February 17, 2017

From the time we arrived at the Villa Kalipay we were greeted by extremely friendly and professional staff & from that point, we knew we’re in for a treat. Being avid travelers, it takes a  lot to “wow” us and let’s just say Villa Kalipay was a sensation. The staff led by Jimmy attended to all our needs, always looking for ways to make our stay more comfortable, not to mention trying to anticipate our needs ahead of time, which I think what really sets this team apart. The icing on the cake was the delicious food that was freshly prepared by chef Deaw. We pretty much had everything Thailand had to offer, both on land and especially from the sea. All the ingredients were freshly sourced, it’s basically like having a Michelin restaurant on demand & you get to create the menu with chef everyday. The presentation and careful preparation again was the best we have experienced in a home environment. My wife had a good cooking lesson with Deaw so that she can make some delicious Thai food when she gets home. I think the owners of the villa and the staff have stuck that perfect balance & harmony between offering you the best hospitality but without being invasive to your privacy while being on a family vacation. We will be back and thank you!

―Jennifer K. and party, stayed on January 4, 2017

Wonderful memories have been made at Villa Kalipay. Two milestone moments that will never be forgotten. A wedding & a 50th birthday. A big thank you to Jimmy, Nut, Aor & Deaw. The level of service & attention to detail has exceeded all our expectations. We have embraced every moment & appreciated everyone’s hardwork during our stay. Hoping to see you all again in the near future.

―Jennifer J. and party, stayed on December 10 to 17, 2016

Incredible level of service. Jimmy is a star. Great Hospitality. Thank You!

―Minna K., stayed on November 20 to 27, 2016

Amazing villa with a stunning view, great swimming pool and other facilities. But a house is a house and what makes the difference here is the fantastic service from Jimmy and team. Jimmy, Aor, Coeh and dew (hope the last one is spelled good) thank you very much for making our week the best trip ever. Great food and service during the week and we will return again soon.

―507Frans, stayed on November 18, 2016

Dear Jimmy, Aor, King, Deaw, fantastic villa but the staff makes the difference. Best service ever experienced on a holiday. Outstanding, and highest level of hospitality. Thanks so much.

―Fran Van S., stayed on November 14 to 18, 2016

We’ve spend a very nice holiday here. Every staff loved us, nice face and smiles. Wish we can come back. Thanks again. Thanks Jimmy and every staff. Wish you’re healthy.

―Hanhan H., stayed on November 6, 2016

Great stay over school holiday with my family and another family. 5 adults and 4 children (ages 6 – 14). No issues on space or cleanliness. Villa is finished with high quality materials. Staff was first rate, always available and never intrusive. They worked hard to ensure that all of our needs were met…on-property and off-property in terms of recommending/arranging excursions. This is definitely a 5-star villa when they replace the bulbs in the media room and fix the “tingy” speaker on the living room television. Also, the chef was perfect. We were in Thailand, so we decided to stick with Thai meals and the cost was very reasonable.

―Guest, stayed on October 31, 2016

Thank you for the wonderful times at the villa. Best food ever, fantastic views and very friendly staff. God bless!

―Tammie M. and party, stayed on October 22 to 29, 2016

Thank you for a most wonderful holiday. The villa is gorgeous but it was the people here that made it so special. The food is amazing. I loved my time here. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay in the beautiful villa. Amazinng food and the most amazing and beautiful, friendly, and special staff. Until next time! This place was beautiful and wonderful. The food is unreal and special. Thanks to the fabulous, incredible staff for everything. Our holiday at Villa Kalipay was lovely! The house is perfect…But the most wonderful part of our stay was the superb, professional and delightful staff – they are second to none! And the food was amazing!!!

―Alfredo M. and party, stayed on October 14 to 19, 2016

Fantastic food. Amazing accommodation. Superior staff. Perfect holiday!!! Would come back in an instant. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We’ve had the time of our lives and we owe it all to you, Andre. We felt right home instantly due to the lovely staff that made us feel like royalty. Whilst the house is amazing, it was the great food and service that truly made our holiday. Thanks for looking after us and making sure we had everything we needed. Great time! We had an outstanding stay here this week. It is truly the wonderful staff and management that made Villa Kalipay simply the best. You are all so attentive and lovely. Thank you so much. Thank you for amazing holiday! The staff are incredibly thoughtful and attentive, and most importantly, they make amazing margaritas! We will be back. Beautiful villa, great food and amazing staff (will miss you!) Thank you for the awesome holiday!!

―Andre P. and Party, stayed on October 3 to 8, 2016

What an incredible place – hands down! The best villa experience we have had. The food was five star and the staff, exceptional. Stunning place and I am sure that we will be back again.

―Kate B., stayed on September 15 to 18, 2016
Hong Kong

What a grandiose place this is! You have such a great team. You have all looked after us so well from dawn til dawn (literally!) We’re not sure how we’re all going to readjust going back home. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a brilliant time.

―Kery, stayed on September 15 to 18, 2016
Hong Kong

Another perfect holiday at our favourite Villa Kalipay!! Thank you Chef Deaw, Ex, Nop and Aor for making our stay relaxing, satisfying and super fun!! We definitely will be back next year for another holiday!! We did a lot of firsts with baby Jasmine who turned 3 months old and did her first roll-over!

―Rizwan C., stayed on September 7 to 16, 2016

This place is wonderful. The atmosphere, food and activities are at very high level, in one word, perfection! Thanks to everyone of the staff for your kindness and professionalism. Simply, we had a holiday of a lifetime here.

―Khalid A., stayed on August 26 to September 2, 2016
Doha, Qatar

Incredible staff! An unforgettable vacation. Thank you so much for everything.

―Danny, stayed on August 13 to 17, 2016

Wonderful staff, amazing food, superb hospitality. Thank you all for the wonderful memories. We loved the staff, reason to be back. Ciao!

―Marco, stayed on August 13 to 17, 2016

Wonderful villa. Well maintained facilities. Great staff. Delicious food. Very good services. Good weather. Wonderful holiday here at Villa Kalipay!!! Many thanks to Villa Kalipay!!! Really appreciated the great support/services from the whole team to make our family holiday feel so relax.

―Elsie C., stayed on August 8, 2016

We, 7 girls from both (Hong Kong & all the way from United States) celebrated our one and only Jenna’s Hen party here. Our stay was spectacular, thank you for the superb hospitality! Khun Joe and his team was extremely  attentive and friendly! Definitely made our trip that much better! Thank you for making our stay so memorable, especially mine! The food was also incredible! This is by far the most amazing trip to Thailand, and we cannot wait to come back and visit again! The villa and its in-house team were both fantastic. Thank you for making Jenna’s bachelorette the ever-so-memorable. Really good hospitality, great staff and beautiful place! We will definitely be back. Thank you!

―Pearl S., stayed on June 30 to July 4, 2016
Hong Kong & USA

Great and clean villa. Great service and hospitality. The Villa Manager, Joe is very detail oriented. We all had a great time here.

―Helen C. and Mimi F., stayed on June 22 to 26, 2016

My family and I are thankful to the excellent service and kindness all through our stay from 19 to 22 June 2016. The villa is clean, peaceful even though it rained sometimes. We are impressed with the villa staff team that looked after us very well. The food at the villa is much more delicious than outside restaurants. The ingredients are fresh with high standard. Thank you for the service and I wish you all happiness. Hope to see you again.

―Jittalan Family, stayed on June 19 to 22, 2016

What a wonderful house to have a family holiday! We were looked after wonderfully – with all the management staff of Joe & others making our stay very relaxing. A great surprise to have been given a birhtday party with balloons and great chocolate cake. Thank you all. The pool was great to swim in with our 3 grandchildren having such fun. Although lots of rain we did get one sunset and what wonderful pictures we have to remember that night. All the management team were very helpful, organising many things for us during our stay. Very obliging, courteous, nothing was too difficult. We will have very happy memories of staying at Villa Kalipay on our return to Australia. Someday, we may return. “

―Ferguson Family, stayed on May 25 to 30, 2016
What an amazing time we have had staying at Villa Kalipay! It truly is a holiday when we so well looked after by the amazing staff. Traveling with toddlers was mad enjoyable as everything was taken care of diligently and thoughtfully by Joe and the rest of the team. We had some wonderful meals, the best food all holiday was prepared by the chef on nights we dined in. We will take home such lovely memories of spending time with family – celebrating a birthday with a surprise party, some lovely weather and laid back days around the pool. What a perfect setting, we are almost sad to be leaving and hope to come back one day.”

―Stephanie & Andrew F., stayed on May 25 to 30, 2016
My family had a great time at Villa Kalipay. The villa was clean, well-maintained and had plenty of entertainment options. The massage chair offered great comfort and relaxation. In during the day, the chef cooked up wonderful and tasty meals. Our villa manager, Joe, was a great help – he was warm, kind and very attentive. Everyone including the kids had much fun in the villa. My dad complimented on the great swimming pool’s filtration system – very efficient one! We hope to be back here soon!”

―Wong Family, stayed on May 19 to 22, 2016
Dear Villa Kalipay. We had a wonderful time at Villa Kalipay for the past 4 days. We were well taken care of by the ever smiley villa manager, Joe and well fed by the talented chef. Villa was always well cleaned especially for our little girl. We even had a surprise party with beautiful decor when we asked for a birthday cake. We love Villa Kalipay, it is beautiful! Hopefully someday we’ll be back again!”

―Hao Family, stayed on April 29 to May 2, 2016
Dear Villa Kalipay, Joe and All. We have a wonderful time here, very nice service, yummy food and beautiful view. We’ll definitely recommend our friends to stay here. And we really like your warm smile. Thanks to you all, and wish you happy everyday.”

―Ran Family, stayed on April 2 to 8, 2016
Dear All Especially Joe and Chef Deaw. We had the time of our life here in Villa Kalipay. The memory of this trip and our stay here will always remain in our minds. You’re such caring, kind and helpful people. Love you to the moon and back!

Thanks a lot for everything, this is my best one.

We will miss you and this place, everything was wonderful.”

―Hamed Nasrollahi, stayed in March 24 to 31, 2016

Dear Villa Kalipay. We have a fantastic holiday in these five days. And we all like Joe a lot. He is a real gentleman. Thanks!”

―Filippo Ke, stayed on March 10 to 15, 2016
Dear Villa Kalipay and Family. All the nice times pass so quickly, similarly the wonderful experiences to Villa Kalipay has come to its end. My three days stay at Kalipay has been one of the most memorable times, not only due to the Villa’s features — a glorious sight.”

―Chen Zentao, stayed on February 26 to 29, 2016
Dear Kalipay Staffs. The service was fantastic and we all are very impressed with your kind and hard works. House and views are great. It is big, clean and have enough space. Food was great too. We just have one comment that food to be less salty. But after our comment, the chef advised cooking as we wanted. So, it is great. We all regret that we have to leave, and talking about coming back some time later. Tod and butler is exceptional. Even our kid said he really like the staffs here as they are very kind. I wish you very best to them.”

―Hae Sung N., stayed on February 8 to 19, 2016
Dear Villa Kalipay and Family. Thank you so much for the most wonderful experience last week. This is a very special trip for us with my whole family being together from Switzerland, Hawaii, Washington DC and Los Angeles. You all made it extra special and nicer than we could have imagined, thanks to your exceptional team. Toffee, the chef and the lovely ladies have been outstanding and have made every detail of our stay incredible. The food was 5 star and the service was above and beyond. Tod was fantastic as well in coordinating all of our details. We had 2 birthdays and rang in the New Year with Kalipay and couldn’t have felt more at home. We thank you for all the warmth and genuine welcome in this beautiful house and paradise and cannot wait to come back for another memorable vacation.

Thank you Kalipay Family and Happy New Year 2016!”

―Angela Mallick, stayed in December 2015 to January 2016

We had a truly great time at Villa Kalipay despite no beach. The property is stunning but above all, overall service of all staff and especially Khun Toffee…

Thank you from Fournier’s family.”

―Patrick Fournier, stayed in December 2015

Dear Villa Kalipay Team, Thank you so very much for looking after us so well for the past few days. The villa is absolutely stunning, the setting beautiful, the food completely delicious and the staff incredibly attentive and welcoming. We’ve had THE BEST time and wish to be back in the future.

Thank you for looking after us.”

―Kate Sheridan H, stayed in December 2015
London, UK

Dear Khun Toffe, Khun Deaw and Khun Koong. Thank you very much for looking after us! The service was first class. The cooking lesson was amazing. You inspired me to cook more at home! Thank you again for a wonderful hospitality and for making this a perfect holiday! Thank you so much for the great time!

―Arnaud Cudel, stayed in December 2015
Toffe ,Noi and Chef Deaw. Thank you for the wonderful, outstanding , brilliant service… You made all of us and the babies feel cared and loved..A home away from home, wish we could stay longer!! But We will definitely be back soon… Chef Deaw, you are the best Chef in Phuket!! Noi ,Thank you for looking after all of us!! Toffee ,thank you for the best villa experience you are an amazing person.

―Rizwan Family, stayed in August 2015
I like how there is tropical trees surrounding the villa and I also like how there is plenty of room. Scarlett – 9 years old

I like your cooking and every room in this house is very friendly. Because the pillow in this villa are very fluffy and the bed is very clean. I can’t bear to leave this villa. Megan – 7 years old.

I like the friendly people and the great service. I also like the nice clean floors and the big rooms! The villa has lot of space. I love every single room! Isabelle (10 Years old) PS. I Love Your Pool !”

―Scarlett, Megan & Isabelle, stayed in August 2015

A very big thank you to all at villa Kalipay for making our holiday awesome. Ther service and meal were perfect. You have given us some great memories”

―Tinghan, stayed in July 2015
“Dear villa Kalipay and Team (Wee,Daew ,Noi) thank you for making this holiday a special one for us. The service was impeccable and personalised. You made it feel like home! We had an incredible time and our mother enjoyed. Her special birthday treat. The food was delicious to the villa was just breathtaking. Great team taking care of us.” 

―Stephanie & Family, stayed in June 2015
Dear Villa Kalipay and Team. We had an amazing stay .Everything from the food to the service to the villa was perfect we could have stayed longer. We will have to come back for the delicious food and the endless supply of lime sodas. Hope to see you again soon.Best wishes! (Anika,Arya ,Arav,Jelina,Sunil,Anjna,Anil ,Dada and Dadi)

PS. A special word of thanks from Dadi for taking special and personalised care during our stay most enjoyable stay.Khubkhunkrub Wee.”

―The Nihalani Clan, stayed in June 2015

A special thank you to all of the incredible staff at Villa Kalipay. The food from Chef Deaw was outstanding – always delicious, fresh and beautifully presented. Wee was friendly, funny, welcoming, informative, and also so kind to our family. He really anticipated all of our need!! Noi and Nai were so efficient and friendly. The house is absolutely beautiful and we will always have such fond memories of our stay.

―Love the Ratzke Family, stayed in May 2015
Just thinking it will be another normal family holiday when leaving home. Pleasantly surprised when arriving at the villa being warmly welcomed by the staff like long lost relatives. When entering villa, what a magnificent and beautiful place.But the greatest & fondest memories we will bring back home besides the family bonding are the great services provided by Khun Wee & his team. The great services are always accompanied with smiles & willingly even odd hours of the day. The food prepared by the chef & assistants are simply delicious.Thank you once again to Khun Wee & his team who make our stay so enjoyable & memorable.

―Ang Family, stayed in May 2015
We had an amazing holiday in Villa Kalipay. We have travelled to many locations around the world and the service, food, and staff in this villa has been some of the best we have ever experienced. We have travelled with a 6-month old baby and the staff went over and above what is expected of them to make sure we had a relaxing holiday. We are now wondering how will we ever live without Vee, Pa, and Noy?! We will be back…

―Love from Lyndsey, Kayyor, and Oscar, stayed in November 2014
London, UK
Words, however carefully chosen, cannot fully convey our appreciation for the memories created during our stay at Villa Kalipay.

Miang, Noy, & Pa made our stay at the Villa Kalipay truly unforgettable. They worked tirelessly from morning until night making us feel like royalty yet treating us like family. We will miss them greatly.

Each meal, befitting of a Michelin star restaurant, was perfectly prepared with fresh ingredients and presented with a smile. We loved our morning chats with Miang and were especially appreciative of the way she helped take care of our son, who feel ill whilst on vacation.

Time seemed to stand still due to the extraordinary attentiveness of the villa staff – each going about their business with professionalism and thoughtfulness. They scanned to possess extrasensory perception of our desires at all times. Whether it be the drinks by the pool, popcorn in the theatre, or a cold hand towel upon return from a walk on a particularly warm day – Miang, Noy, & Pa were always magically there to tend to us.

Villa Kalipay is spacious, beautifully decorated and meticulously maintained. The property is a credit to the designer, decorator, and most importantly, the staff.

Any family who has the privilege to holiday in this magnificent villa is sure to have an experience as memorable as ours.

Thank you with all our hearts.

―Mark, Juanita, Coco, & Jack, stayed in November 2014
Melbourne, Australia

Had a memorable stay in villa. We even had great hospitality & very warm welcome from all the person of villa. They made this stay very special & honorable. Very eager to visit again with unforgettable memories.

– Wonderful stay at the villa. Great staff and great hospitality. Would love to visit again.

– One of the most spectacular view and one of the most beautiful villa we have ever visited. The humbleness of the staff was flattering. Best and most helpful staff! This villa made our vacation most memorable!

– Had a wonderful stay with Kalipay Villa. Superb view & great hospitality. Memorable vacation.

―Nehal Shah’s Group, stayed in October 2014

Amazing! What a perfect vacay… Loved every moment. Thank you!

―Vanessa V., stayed in Ocotber 2014
Seattle, WA
The house and view were amazing. Staff was wonderful and made sure our every request was fulfilled to the BEST! Chef prepared meals were delicious. Trip of a lifetime. Hope to make it back

―Krista Van G., stayed in Ocotber 2014
Seattle, WA
This house has been the most amazing vacation experience of my life. Waking up to the jaw dropping views has struck me in a way I could have never imagined. The chef, manager, & staff made each day a joy & pleasure. Thank you!!!

―William L., stayed in Ocotber 2014
Seattle, WA
Thank you for making our stay here so memorable and wonderful ! It’s one of the best experiences ever. The staff were wonderful, especially Khun Son and Ms. Pooh who were extremely helpful. The staff are all very responsible and made our stay really pleasurable. The food was fantastic ! Compliments to the chef and team !

Thank you for making our wedding a fantastic and beautiful one. Your staff and chefs on standby make everything perfect !

This is such a beautiful private and great villa that the only fault is that we had to leave the place. Will definitely want to come back again ! This is an epitome of Thai.

Love & Best Wishes.

―Ruiling, stayed june 2014

We loved our stay in your beautiful villa and the staff are so friendly and helpful and always smiling. The view is just breath taking in the morning and sunset time. Wonderful memories of our stay and thank you for making our stay a very memorable one.

―Patel & Udhas Family, stayed in May 2014
This has been such a great experience that will be hard to rival anywhere else in the world, villa is amazing, my friends are awesome, the views are breathtaking, the service staff are impeccable, the surrounding are stunning, the only bad experience I’ll have is leaving this place… but I will be back soon. Thank you for everything.

―Palav, stayed in May 2014
A truly amazing experience at a beautiful location, Art and the Staff went over above to attend to our every request. He was a perfect gentlemen. The food was great, fresh and enjoyable. Thank you

―Simon, stayed in April 2014
This was one of the most spectacular and amazing homes that we have ever stayed at. The villa is flawless all around in terms of the architecture of the house, the furnishing through out the home, the amenities (fitness equipment and a comfortable and hi- tech entertainment room to mention a few) and the outdoor areas including a pool with a spectacular view of the bay. There is no area in the house (the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the living areas) where the exquisite standard drops. The staff services including the food was divine and 2nd to none. While the location provides you with privacy it is located close to several top end Marina’s where you can make arrangement for boat rental to explore many spectacular islands on the Andaman sea. The worst part about staying at Villa Kalipay was having to leave it behind. My family would have preferred to stay for an additional week.

―Bharegot, Stayed in February 2014
California, San Francisco
Visiting Phuket is a pleasure. Staying in villa Kalipay doubles the pleasures. the villa is a master piece of design, finishing, and furnishing. the unobstructed view of the ocean from every room in the house, is simply incomparable. the service was impeccable, and the food, a gastronomic delight. The whole compound, is very manicured, and highly secured. In short, this is a must experience, we shall certainly be back.

―Dr Dia Elsebai & friends, Stayed in January 2014
This outstanding villa will exceed all of your needs & expectations! Coming from the wintery Parisian weather into the warm heat & colourful energy that Phuket offers was made effortlessly simple with the chauffeur pick up direct from the airport, direct to the high spec, spacious, luxury pad!From the fish pool path on entry, the ground floor glass domain & 5* bedroom designs, the tropical compound is on par villas that can be viewed in any high end design magazine. There is also a fully equipped gym, home cinema & two private offices (if you do have to work whilst away) on the lower ground floor.On coming back from day trips into Phuket, the divine sunset viewed from the salt water swimming pool or the outside lounge area will perfectly conclude evenings spent in the villa during your stay! The perfect respite !

―Akosua Osei
Paris, France